Largest Supplier of Small-Quantity Metals

Oulun PalaMetalli offers a wide variety of metal-related services such as production cutting, shearing, delivery and more
We store metals indoors that we can guarantee high quality

 Varastoimme ison osan metalleista sisätiloissa korkean laadun varmistamiseksi


-When product is selected, choose cutted part or whole sheet/bar

-Additional service, you can choose holes  and painting

-Pickup from Oulu or delivery to your home / parcel point

-Home delivery time on average 2-6 days

-We will send you an SMS when your order is complete

 We follow Technical Traders`General conditions Of Sale (TK teräkset ja metallit 2010).

0.62 € 0.62 € 0.62 EUR
3.42 € 3.42 € 3.42 EUR
SP-ASK.SINK SILMK. 34X76 270X900
72.63 € 72.63 € 72.63 EUR
SP-ASK.SINK SILMK. 34X76 240X800
54.47 € 54.47 € 54.47 EUR
TASORITILÄ SINK SIL. 34X76 K30X3 1200X1000
212.57 € 212.57 € 212.57 EUR

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Company team

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